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Originaltitel: The In-Between - A Short Film

Where do you drawn the line?
von Alain Hain

Kurzfilm, Fiktion-Doku, gay
Produktionsland / Jahr: USA 2010

mit Danny Bernardy, Brian Patacca, Sharon Batten, Derek Allen Watson

Drehbuch: Jason Mills; Produzent: Jason Mills, Alain Hain; Kamera: Tom McWilliam
Label/Studio: PRO-FUN MEDIA

Offizielle Website & Kinotermine:

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Inhalt: THE IN-BETWEEN ist auf der DVD LIEB MICH! - Gay Shorts Volume 3 enthalten.

Jared has found himself his first live-in boyfriend, but begins to suspect that the man he is in love with isn’t as faithful as he would hope. Has his paranoia got the better of him? Or are his instincts dead on? The second in a trilogy of shorts focusing on the gay community, THE IN-BETWEEN explores the challenges, expectations and hope that comes from entering into a monogamous relationship. Continuing in the series’ format, THE IN-BETWEEN uses documentary audio of gay men discussing their experiences with monogamy, as the film’s narration. A drama, a tragedy and a documentary all in one, THE IN-BETWEEN crosses many boundaries, both in form and subject.


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