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Originaltitel: In Their Room London

... about gay men and their bedrooms
von Travis Mathews

Dokumentarfilm, Erotik, gay
Produktionsland / Jahr: USA 2013

mit Pietro, Ben, Shane, Alex, Max, Jeannie Dee, Tommy, Ryan

Drehbuch: Travis Mathews; Schnitt: Travis Mathews; Screen Design: Taku Hazeyama; Musik: Santiago Latorre; Produzent: Jay Knowlton
Label/Studio: PRO-FUN MEDIA

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Inhalt: After the San Francisco and Berlin episodes of his “In Their Room” series about gay men and their bedrooms, in the third installment Travis Mathews introduces a handful of gay men living in the UK capital. As they are getting ready for a casual hook-up, they open up about their expectations and share their innermost desires and thoughts on sex, romance and relationships.
Mathews' work benefits from his ability to strike a unique connection with his characters, who get comfortable with their physical as well as emotional nudity in front of the camera. With a tender insight and a striking eye for seemingly small but significant details, he sensitively compiles a mosaic of male sexuality, intimacy and vulnerability. (reposted from INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL PRAGUE)

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