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Originaltitel: Last Ferry

von Jaki Bradley

Spielfilm, Thriller, gay
Produktionsland / Jahr: USA 2019

mit Ramon Torres, Sheldon Best, Myles Clohessy, Larry Owens, Gabriel Sloyer, Henry Ayres-Brown, R. Ward Duffy, Sheilagh Weymouth, Sam Leicht, Sam Given (Millie Grams)

Drehbuch: Ramon Torres; Kamera: Alexa Wolf; Schnitt: Ramon Torres, Nadia Zoe; Kostüme: Heather McDevitt Barton; Casting: John Ort CSA, Tim Aumiller, Regieassistenz: Carolina Gimenez; Produzenten: Michael Karp, Nadia Zoe, Ramon Torres, Matthew Silverman
Label/Studio: PRO-FUN MEDIA

Offizielle Website & Kinotermine:

  • Im Kino

Inhalt: When a young gay lawyer arrives on Fire Island to explore his sexuality, he becomes witness to a murder after being drugged. A stranger helps him to safetybut he soon discovers his savior is friends with the killer.

Joseph, a young lawyer living in Harlem, makes a pilgrimage to the fabled Fire Island, desperately seeking romance and community. Only trouble is, it’s April, the thick of the off-season, and the island is dead. Joseph does meet a cute boy – but only to realize he is a mugger who has drugged him to steal his belongings. During his impaired state, he witnesses a murder and narrowly escapes the grasp of the murderer. He awakes in The Pines, under the care of Cameron and his friends. As Joseph integrates into the group and begins to fall for Cameron, he forgets about what he witnessed when he was drugged – only for the murderer to reemerge right under his nose.

Filmfestivals (Auswahl)::

- BFI Flare Filmfestival - Weltpremiere - London 2019
- 43. Frameline Int. Filmfestival - San Francisco 2019
- TLVFest - Tel Aviv 2019


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